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Future Of Artificial Intelligence !

From fake flowers to faux food flavors, our world is full of things that are artificial –- that is, produced by humans rather than by nature. it’s often used in a negative sense, conveying the idea that an artificial product is inferior to the real thing.Artificial selection is the identification by humans of desirable traits in plants and animals, and the steps taken to enhance and perpetuate those traits in future the evolution leads to the evolution of an artificial being. When the intelligemce in any artifical being is perpetually made to evolve through regressive learning as a baby learns then the possibility is limitless ! We don;t know where it could lead to. Its the competition between 2 intelligence trying to surpass each other by any means keeping ethics at bay, Evolution by the selection of nature is quite cruel ! It cares none as long as the existence is prevails, It just cares for the fittest one, not the kindest . When we talk amount human intelligence we bring consciousness in the equation differentiating us from the artifcial intelligence. Intelligence is the core of any evolution and it doesn't matter if it its attached to human or a bot, as long as it evolves and find its way in the top of the chain. Consciouness is a tool that is not descreate from intelligence, Consciousness is an integral part of intelligence, And an artificial being could turn to be more of human with humanity, the way humans are turning to more of machine with its utter stupidity and lack of presence in mind.

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