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Client Augmentation

There can be be no fruitful business relation without a solid base of mutual trust and understanding.Our Team is structured to any challenges and do justice to the faith and believe imparted to us. We have worked enormously on the pain points of  our competitors and designed a team to create multiple model of staff outsourcing which could cater to the companies of various sizes at competitive pricing.

Our recruitment specialists have a long track of successful experience in:

  • Project managers

  • Technical leads

  • Business analysts

  • Solution architects

  • Software development engineers

  • Software development engineers in test

  • Quality assurance engineers

  • Web designers

  • UX specialists

  • Technical writers

  • Database administrators

  • System administrators

 Adding Value To Our Services 

Leverage Existing Resources

If you have a specific set of employees for a longer period, then it may cause stagnation of opinions and lack of creativity. This can be a major obstacle for your business’ development and revenue growth. The successful and evolving enterprise demands for innovative ways to sustain its success.motivates the enterprises to engage with a diverse set of experts rather than operating with the same set of recycled thoughts.

Reduced Liabilities

 Outsourcing partnership eliminates the effort and cost associated with recruitment, onboarding, office expenses, and employee benefits and perks, utilizing the staff augmentation model ensures a substantial reduction in corporate overhead, resulting in overall liabilities and cost optimization for your business.

Boost Productivity

Businesses need robust, highly experienced, and tech-savvy professionals to assist on important projects in real-time. This model of hiring resources allows companies to set up a remote-based team to further save on infrastructural and management costs. It is ready to bring dynamic progress to enterprises. Rather than relying on long-term or full-time hiring models, get a skilled and remote-based team ready

Reduced Skill Development Costs

Whether you need help with a particular project or for your entire business, targeting the skills you need allows you to get effective workers in place quickly and affordably. You won’t have to hire one person and then hope that they have the right expertise for the job; you’ll be able to pick and choose the right person with the exact skill set you need with options and budget leading keep your skill development cost at bay.

Multiple Models

Short term Services

Long-term services

Project based services

Skill Based services

Dedicated Team Model

Fixed-Price-Deadline Model

Highly Cost Efficient

Probably the biggest and the most obvious benefit of building remote team is cost savings. Now, you will have a question how? As compared to the US and Western European countries, if you recruit resources from Eastern Europe and Asian countries, then they would demand fewer salaries as cost of living in those countries is lower as compared to the US. This will result in a massive amount of savings.

What Our Clients Say

Technical Director, Eleks Technologies

Apes innovations helped us in getting the right right resources in right time and we were happy that they stick to there commitment of meeting the deadlines . Wish them all the best !

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